Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of Digital Marketing strategy that compliments your overall online exposure via placement searches on top of search engine results page through paid advertising channel also known as sponsored ads.

SEM / PPC is the one the bridges to having your advertisement found only when your potential customers are searching for your products / services via major search engine like google, yahoo and bing.


1. PPC grabs the attention of your audience at the right time

Research shows that 90 percent of people who research online know exactly what they’re looking for. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have used the keywords you are targeting.

This means that you’re getting your content and ads in front of a highly engaged target audience, who are actively looking for offers like yours – all for a low cost and without having to impose on them.

2. It’s easy and quick to implement

Setting up a PPC campaign is quick and easy. While it might take a little while until you can see the full impact of a campaign, it is highly flexible and configurable and can be set up in a few hours.

Changes can be done on an ad-hoc basis, so you can tailor your website content, keywords and spending around the behavior of your audience.

3. It’s measurable

PPC allows for precise success tracking and in-depth campaign analysis so you can continually optimise your keyword mix, the amount of dollars you spend and the content you use.

Whatever your goal is, you can tell exactly how much value you are generating from this marketing and advertising channel, and can therefore make more educated decisions when it comes to budgeting.

4. It helps raise brand awareness

PPC (and SEO) not only helps to generate qualified traffic to your websites but can increase brand awareness too.

The higher your product or service ranks in search engines, the more likely consumers will visit your website and prefer you or even recommend your offerings.

Over time you’ll notice that the search terms of your prospects are becoming more and more related to your brand as they become familiar with you and see you as a trusted advisor or provider.


Your potential customers are clicking on your competitors

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